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Change of Name and Address

If you change your name or address you must inform Motor Registration Division, in writing, of these changes within 10 days.

Change of Name

In the case of a change of name, you are required to provide documentation supporting the change:

Accepted Documents

  1. original of marriage certificate
  2. original birth certificate
  3. official name change document

Please Note: For a change of name - if you are the holder of a drivers licence you must visit the Motor Registration Office in your area in person in order to update your record.

Change of Address

For change of address please provide both your street and mailing address as well as your driver's licence number. If you do not have your driver's licence number, please provide your name and date of birth. Change of address notification can be done by sending the above required information to

Please Note: Your address will be changed on the Motor Registration Division (MRD) system and a new drivers licence, photo id (if applicable) and vehicle registration (if applicable) will be mailed to you within a few days.

You can also choose to change your address online at (select change address).

Before you can change your address online, you will need a Permanent Identification Number (PIN).  If you don’t have, or can’t remember your PIN please call 1-866-996-9673 (toll-free) from Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 5:00pm (Newfoundland Time) to get a temporary PIN number.  You will need to have your driver licence number when you make the call.

A change of address will generate a new driver's licence and update any associated vehicle registration(s).  You should receive your driver’s licence within 10 business days.


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