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Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Renewal Issue Date

Vehicle renewal applications are mailed approximately 45 days prior to the expiration of the vehicle registration. If you have changed your address and have not notified Motor Registration Division, in writing, the application will be mailed to the last known address on record for you.

The vehicle registration expires the last day of the month shown on the registration document.

The application for renewal includes the registration fee and any additional fees owing to government such as outstanding fines or reinstatement fees.

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Required Application Information

On the back side of the application form is a place to fill in the insurance company and policy number information. The registered owner must also sign the insurance declaration. Please read all instructions carefully. We cannot process the registration renewal without this information. Trailers do not require insurance information, but do require the signature of the registered owner on the renewal application.

If you have changed your address please complete the change of address portion on the vehicle renewal application.

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Lost Application Form

If you have lost your application, on the back of your existing vehicle registration document, there is a Transfer of Ownership section that includes the Insurance Declaration. Complete that section of the document and send it in for processing.

If you do not have any documents, please send in, on a blank piece of paper, the licence plate number, make of vehicle, insurance company name, policy number and signature of the registered owner with a request to renew the vehicle.

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Registering a Vehicle with Outstanding Traffic Fines or Other Monies Owed to Government

All fines or any other monies owing must be paid prior to processing of the renewal application. These additional fees will be included in your registration renewal application.

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Vehicle Inspection Requirements for Registration Renewals

Inspection certificates are not required to be submitted as part of the renewal process.

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Where to Renew

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

You may visit in person, go to the eservices website, or mail your application to, the nearest Motor Registration office in your area. Please see our office locations and hours of service.

You may pay at any bank or credit union. All applications must be completed prior to presentation at the bank or credit union. Registrations paid at banks are valid for 40 days from date of payment. Keep all portions returned to you by the bank with your previous vehicle permit until your permanent registration and stickers are received.

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Acceptable Payment Types

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