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Inspection Reports

Newfoundland and Labrador Restaurant Health Inspection Reports

Restaurant and take-out inspection reports completed on or after April 1, 2012 will be available. Reports prior to that date are available in hard copy from the relevant regional Government Service Centre. Reports indicate what critical items and non-critical items were identified at the time of the inspection. Critical items are violations of the Food Premises Regulations. They are normally corrected at the time of the inspection. Non-critical items are generally preventative nature and are usually given a period of time for compliance.

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On-line Reports

Restaurant inspections are carried out by Service NL’s Environmental Health Officers, under the authority of the provincial Food Premises Act to ensure compliance with the Food Premises Regulations.

  • Under the Food Premises Regulations, restaurant inspections are required prior to the opening of a new facility and approximately every three to six months thereafter. Inspections may occur more often if there are issues requiring more frequent follow-up.
  • Inspections may also be conducted in response to consumer complaints or under special circumstances, such as a food recall.

For additional information on the inspection process, please see Restaurant Inspection InformationPDF (93.6 KB)

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