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Axle Configuration Requirements

To be registered in Newfoundland and Labrador, as required, a vehicle must meet the axle configuration requirements as stipulated in the Vehicles Regulations of the Highway Traffic Act:

Section 4 — Axle Configuration Requirements

4. (1) A person shall not operate upon a highway a vehicle or a combination of vehicles with an axle configuration other than those set out in Schedules A and B.

(2) For the purposes of calculating registered weight and the issuing of registration permits for vehicles, trailers, truck, tractor and tractor semi-trailer combinations, the weight for each axle configuration shall be as specified in Schedules A and B.

(3) A vehicle having an axle configuration other than as specified in Schedules A and B shall not obtain a registration permit.

(4) Notwithstanding subsection (3), the registrar may issue a registration permit for a vehicle having an axle configuration not specified in these regulations subject to terms or conditions that the registrar considers appropriate.

The regulations clearly state that a registered vehicle must meet the axle configuration outlined in the Vehicles Regulations however, the registrar may register vehicles with other axle configurations.

Axle Categories

Schedules A and B set out axle configurations for ten categories;

  1. Tractor Semi trailer
  2. A Train Double (tractor/trailer configuration)
  3. B Train Double (tractor/trailer configuration)
  4. C Train Double (tractor/trailer configuration)
  5. Straight Truck
  6. Truck — Pony Trailer Combination
  7. Tandem Steering Axle Truck — Pony Trailer Combination
  8. Truck — Full Trailer Combination
  9. Tandem Steering Axle Truck — Full Trailer Combination
  10. Intercity Bus

The categories above use only the terms tractor, truck, trailer and bus by name. If a vehicle is deemed to have an axle configuration set out in one of these categories and thus registered, the vehicle shall fall in that category.

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