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Mortgage Broker Registration

  • Mortgage Broker
    • A person who deals in mortgages, a person who holds himself or herself out as being able to provide services usually provided by a mortgage broker or a person who for profit finds mortgage money on behalf of others.
  • Corporate Applicant
  • Address for Service
    • The applicant shall indicate on the application a current Address for Service in the Province. A document sent or served to the applicant under the Mortgage Brokers Act or Regulations shall be considered to be sufficiently sent or served if delivered personally or mailed by registered mail to the registrant at the address for service stated in the application for registration.
  • Registration fees
    • The registration fee for a mortgage broker's licence is $300.00.
  • Registration Term
    • Registrations issued under the Mortgage Broker's Act remain in effect subject to the filing of annual reports and payment of an annual fee as prescribed by the Minister until it is withdrawn by the registered person or is suspended or cancelled under the Act. The annual filing due date is the last day of the month twelve (12) months from the effective date of the original registration.
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