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Real Estate Agent Licensing


  • Real Estate Agent
    • A person who by himself or herself or through one or more officials or salespersons trades or purports to trade in real estate on behalf of himself, herself or another.
  • Real Estate Restricted Agent
    • A person who by himself or herself or through one or more officials or salespersons trades or purports to trade in real estate on his or her own behalf.

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Corporate Applicant

If the applicant is a corporation, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation issued under the Corporations Act is required. Contact the Registry of Companies of the Commercial Registration Division for additional information.

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Address for Service

The applicant shall indicate on the application a current Address for Service in the Province. A document sent or served to the applicant under the Real Estate Trading Act or Regulations shall be considered to be sufficiently sent or served if delivered personally or mailed by registered mail to the licencee at the address for service stated in the application for licence.

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Surety Bond

A surety bond PDF (31 KB) issued under the Real Estate Trading Act in the amount of $15,000 is required.

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Local Office

An applicant for licence must maintain a permanent office in the Province that is satisfactory to the Superintendent.

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Designated Representative/Agent

A corporation or partnership shall designate a person to act as it's designated representative/agent.

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Examination Requirement

The designated representative/agent applying for a Real Estate Agent's licence must be actively engaged in real estate and must meet the qualifications to write and successfully complete the Real Estate Agent's examination. There is no examination requirement for a Real Estate Restricted Agent's licence.

For more information please contact:

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of REALTORS® Inc
Education Department
28 Logy Bay Road
St. John's, NL A1A 1J4
Office: 709-726-5110
Fax: 709-726-6866

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Licence Term

Licences issued under the Real Estate Trading Act remain in effect subject to the filing of annual reports and payment of an annual fee as prescribed by the Minister, until it is withdrawn by the registered person or is suspended or cancelled under the Act. The annual filing due date is the last day of the month twelve (12) months from the effective date of the original licence.

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Applications PDF can be mailed to the Financial Services Regulation Division.

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