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Registry of Mechanics' Liens


The Registrar of Deeds is also responsible for the Registry of Mechanics' Liens. This Registry permits the registration of a claim for lien against real property for work done or to be done, or materials placed or provided or to be placed or provided on a particular property.

Registration Requirements

A claim for lien must state

  • the full name and address for service of the person claiming the lien
  • the full name and address of the owner or whom the lien claimant believes to be the owner of the property for whom the work was or is to be done, or materials placed or provided
  • the time within which the work was or is to be done or the materials placed or provided (the work completion date)
  • the amount claimed as due (or to become due)
  • a short description of the work
  • a description of the land (address/location/building description)

Attached to the claim of lien is an affidavit of the person claiming the lien who has personal knowledge of the matters to be verified.

A claim of lien must be registered within 30 days of the completion or abandonment of the work done or materials placed or provided.

Certificates of Action must be filed with the Supreme Court, Trial Division Registry and subsequently registered in the Mechanics’ Liens Registry.

For a complete list of fees, please review Registration fees PDF (81 KB) for the Mechanics' Liens Registry.

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